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Application Process


Essay is the first point to create emotional connect with the admission committee. Essay should be relevant to the course and college you are applying. Worry about writing a college essay for Study Abroad? We guide you with college essay examples – Study Abroad, as ssay should be relevant to the course and college you are applying.

How to write a good college admission essay?

One of major component and most important part of the college application process is the essay while planning to study abroad. Irrespective of how high the GRE/ GMAT/ TOEFL scores are, the essay can make or break your admission-prospects.

Here we’ll take a look at what things to avoid and what things to include your essay?

Brainstorming : Deliberate on your ideas that are buzzing your brain about-

  • What program/ course you want to study?
  • Why do you want to study a particular program/ course (learning outcome)?
  • Why are you interested in applying to a particular college/ university?
  • Why do you want to study in a specific foreign country?
  • What/ how will you contribute to the college/institution?
Jot them down on a piece of paper and then decide about all relevant points that should be a part of your essay.
  • List down your out your major accomplishments
  • Mention your traits/ skills that sets you apart from others.
  • Describe your favourite books/ movies/ interests etc to highlight what are your learnings from them.
  • Specify your future short term and long term goals.
  • Talk about events/ people/ incidents that might have influenced you.

What to Include in application Essay?

Pick a Topic for your Essay: Now that you have all the raw material in place, it’s time to string them together in the best possible way.

  • Think of a topic around which you will structure your essay.
  • Draw from your list of accomplishments, challenges you faced and interests.
  • The topic chosen should reveal your personality & also explain your desire to apply to that particular college.
Write a splendid essay:
  • Make sure your essay is interesting and well covers all the relevant information to support your admission application.
  • Impressive and correct language is necessary.
  • Articulate well and structure your essay in an organized manner.
  • Use short paragraphs and sentences.
  • It should be free from grammatical, punctuation and spelling mistakes.
What to Avoid in Essay?
  • Be specific : Do not cram your entire autobiography into the essay.
  • Big Words : DAvoid long-winded words when simple language can do the trick. What matter in your essay are your thoughts.
  • Clichés : Bring something new to the table. Don’t be predictable!
  • Plagiarism : Do not copy your essay from somewhere.
  • Grammatical Errors: Avoid spelling mistakes, missing punctuations, grammatical errors etc to make your essay effective and fluent.
What to Include in Essay?
  • Introduction : The introduction to your essay should give the readers the entire idea about your essay. In just a few words, try to encapsulate exactly who you are and the purpose of study abroad?
  • Body of essay : Expand your expectations in the main body of the essay to explain what you want to achieve from this course, college and country.
  • Personal Experiences : Share stories that that are related to the rest of your essay. Personal touch adds authenticity and lends a humane effect to essay.
  • Value addition : Describe what value addition you will bring to the college/ institution?
  • Humour : A touch of humour can make an essay interesting if you know how to make it work?
  • Conclusion : : Conclude your essay at the end on a impressive note.
  • Originality : Maintain originality. Go to your friends, family, teachers and mentors with your essay but only for suggestions or to get it proofread.

Our deliverables.

  • We will guide you on all the aspects of the Essay process.
  • We will review your Essay and guide you how to make it better.
  • We will assist you with right format, if required.