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Migration Process

What is Migration Prcoess?

Migration process is the movement by people from one place to another with the intentions of settling permanently at the new location. The movement is often over long distance and from one country to another, indeed, globally.

Why do people migrate?

Migration process may be due to push or pull factors. Push and Pull factors are forces that can either induce people to move to a new location or oblige them to leave old residences; they can be based on economic, political, cultural, and/ or environmental etc factors.

Some of the benefits of migration on the basis of PR:
  • Family Visa : Granted for 5 years (Husband/wife and dependent children up to age 21).
  • Citizenship: One can apply for citizenship after 3/4/5 years stay on PR.
  • Free Medical care: Entire family any health check-ups or hospitalization, birth-delivery whatever all are covered.
  • Free Education for children: Children below the age of 15 get free school education and for college studies fee just equivalent to citizen of Canada, not 8/10 times more unlike foreign students.
  • Child care benefit scheme: Children below age 15 will be paid $350 to $750 a month per child under this scheme as child care allowance.
  • Loan facility: Children after 15 years age are independent in the country and can get loan from government to fulfil their dreams of further education without consent of the parents.
  • Government Jobs: PR holders qualify for Government jobs at par with citizens.
  • Rights to Dependent: Dependent enjoys all rights at par with that of the primary applicant.
  • Education for Primary applicant/ dependent: Primary applicant/ dependent also pay equivalent to Canadian citizens.
  • Unemployment allowances: Primary applicant get weekly allowance in case he/she losses the job be it any reasons to carry on with your livelihood till he/ she get a job.
  • Pension scheme: Pension from government amounting to a minimum of $2500* and above is granted to all, be he/she a government, private sector employee or self-employed.
  • Old age security: Accommodation will be provided under social security house if children abandon the parents or people have no children not secured house during their life time.
  • Power of Passport: Passport of Canada (After citizenship) gives the access to travel across world without any hassles.

How Global Quest Solutions helps you?

We assess each and every case individually and then assist each client to process their case in a customised manner to make their case a success in terms of settlement abroad.

We Process PR cases for Countries: U.S.A / Canada / Australia / New-Zealand / U.K / Germany / Austria / Hong-Kong / South Africa / Italy/ Spain / Poland / Ireland /Switzerland etc.

Process Flow with Global Quest Solutions LLP:
  1. Profile Assessment: Evaluate the profile to check the eligibility for filing the case based on various parameters including but not limited to your Age, education, language proficiency, job category, experience, Spouse eligibility factors, if married, etc before investing huge amount.
  2. Registration: : Register with Global Quest Solutions LLP with a clear agreement, once you are aware about the best suitable options available for your PR.
  3. Get personal expert case officer: After registration you a dedicated case officer will be assigned who will assist you with further process.
  4. Visa Application: After fulfilling Visa requirements, send you application to the appropriate consulate or embassy for getting a visa to the desired country
  5. Get Visa: Get your Visa stamped.
  1. Processing time for the Visa depends on many factors such as type of visa, migration demands, time required by the migration authorities etc.
  2. Global Quest Solutions LLP has no control over delay of visa or decision of the respective authorities. The ultimate decision makers are the migration authorities of the respective country.
  3. Global Quest Solutions LLP will communicate the outcome of their application on timely basis.

Our deliverables

  • Counselling for the best possible options available considering your profile.
  • Assistance in completion of documentation for the visa purpose.
  • Assistance in filling up the application form.
  • Assistance in making necessary cover letter to support the genuine intention of travel or migration.
  • Assistance in taking appointment for submission of case with VFS or the respective embassy as the case may be, if required.
  • Assistance in preparing you for interview through mock calls, if necessary.
  • In a nut shell, hand holding in all aspects of the Visa application process right from selection of the correct visa category as per your profile & requirements till getting the visa and beyond.