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Study MBBS in USA

Study MBBS in USA

USA or the United States of America is the federal republic that contains a federal district along with 50 states. People from all around the world come to this country to pursue education. With 316 million people in 3.79 million square miles, USA has fourth largest area inhabited by a large number of population. As the nation is spread through vast region, you can find extreme diverse climatic region that makes it the home of the wide variety of wildlife. This nation is the pioneer of the national economy around the world. It is the center of research and development for people around the world.


If you are interested in pursuing your career in the medical field with the sole purpose of helping others at the time of their distress, you must undertake the required course to start your career in your favorite field with great pace. Being a well-developed nation, USA has a well-developed education system that contains well-structured MBBS in USA for Indian Students program. If you are interested in commencing the course and want to know the latest advancement in the field of medical sciences, USA is the nation that should be your first choice. It is worth mentioning that enrolling in such colleges or schools will offer you with Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) or Doctor of Medicine (MD) degrees.

Fees Structure

Tuition fees of the medical colleges and schools of the USA vary a lot based on the type of program, location of the institute and nationality of the students. In most cases, in each year an international student requires paying a sum of $45,000 as the tuition fees, $5,000 as services and Health insurance, $15,000 for hostels and food, $5,000 as transportation and $2,000 as other expenses. Hence, a total of almost $300,000 is required for pursuing the entire course of four years. Payment procedure is really easy to help the students pursuing the same.

Admission Process

To enroll in the MBBS course, you have to appear in the MCAT that stands for Medical College Admission Test. This is a must requirement for every applicant who wishes to pursue the medical course in colleges and universities of USA. The exam is of duration five hours and contains three compulsory steps with an optional trial section. The registration fees of the exam is around $350 for international students.

M.B.B.S Admission process


  • 12th with Subjects (Biology/Physics/Chemistry) or (Math’s, Physics, Chemistry).
  • 12th with academic percentage with 60% or above
  • IELTS overall 6 band over all

Course fee: $20,000 a year for Pre-medical

MBBS in USA for Indian Students
Study MBBS in USA

How GQS will be assisting you

  • We assure Scholar ship 50% applicable for all three years program due to exclusive tie-ups with state universities.
  • We Assure 100% Admission cum Visa process.
  • With our scholar ship once can do Rs 6.5 lakhs a year

How to calculate above in cost effective way

MBBS in USA for Indian Students

Above earnings were given per month considering $50 /hr. working for 4 hrs a day 5 days week for one year over all income = Rs 31 lakhs approx. ($1 = Rs 65).

Three years pre-med over all 20 lakhs spent +10 lakhs for 1st year MBBS = 30 lakhs over all

3rd year MBBS by then all the loans are paid off and payment of 3rd sem is from the candidate by themselves.

Global Quest will assist you helping to get successful MBBS Admission in USA .To know more on your eligibility the rules & regulations , fill the consulting form one of our executive will be in touch shortly and advise you on the best possible options.