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Immigrate to Canada

7 Ways To Immigrate To Canada

Immigrate To Canada

Canada is a wonderful and sought-after destination for Immigrants and there are several ways to get there here we enumerate some very definite methods.

There are several phases one should absorb demand to effectively apply and obtain acceptance for Canadian immigration. Also, the procedure can take a variety of months and in some cases some years. Nevertheless, if you recognize what choices are available, you’ll progress your chances of feat and avoid “pitfalls”, defeats and suspensions. If you’re attracted to learning more about the necessities of immigration to Canada, visit our website. Here, you’ll study a way to Immigration to Canada from India through the permanent residence, employment, as a visitor, and even study in Canada.

Options to Immigrate To Canada

  • Spousal Sponsorship : The major benefit of marrying a person who is born in Canada or has a permanent Canadian visa is that you immediately have the right to apply for permanent Canadian citizenship.
  • IEC – International Experience Canada: If one is between the ages of 18 to 35 IEC visa is a pretty good option, Its an open work permit, which means with IEC you don’t need a job offer however this option can be exercised by a citizens of few countries only.
  • Live In CareGiver ( Au-pair ) : To immigrate to Canada as a live-in Caregiver in a Canadian family one has to first get a formal job offer from the host family or from the Au-pair agency in Canada. This is classified as a “Low Skilled” career but guarantees immigration.
  • Canadian Student Permit: One of the best ways to reach Canada is through a “Student Permit” which will eventually lead to a permanent residency. However one has to ascertain from the Provincial Nominee Program in the university’s province to ensure the qualifying criteria is met.
  • Work Permit With Job Offer : The best way to Immigrate to Canada is to get a work permit with a job offer, For those with University education and relevant experience have to just land a Job with a Canadian employer, And with the work permit the chances of becoming a “Permanent Resident” is very high.
  • Trade Agreement based Immigration : If you happen to be from a country that has signed a “Trade Agreement” with Canada then you will be eligible to migrate to Canada and get employed without the LMO – Labor Market Opinion.
  • Business Immigration : Canada has now made Immigration possible through Business channels and covers lot of ground it supports the “Self Employed” and entrepreneurs through “Startup Visa” programs and the wealthy through the “Immigrant investor program”.

All the above categories are widely employed by potential Immigrants depending on their position but make sure all the documents are in order and the Canadian PR is all yours !!

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