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Immigrate to quebec

How To Immigrate To Quebec, Canada?

Immigrate To Quebec:

Quebec is one of the 13 provinces in Canada. It is the second most populous and largest province in Canada. As it is having a large population, the number of jobs and applicants is also more. The economy of Quebec is ranked 37th in the world. So by this, you can understand what all jobs you can obtain in immigrate to Quebec. Applicants who wish to immigrate to Quebec must have the required skills and knowledge so that they can be selected for immigration. Nearly 1.1million people work in the science and technology sector in Quebec. Many foreign individuals wish to immigrate to Quebec and find a job and settle there themselves. Unlike other provinces, Quebec’s immigration process is different. Quebec provincial nominee programs to select individuals who wish to work in Canada, whereas, Quebec selects its own immigrants.

To immigrate to Quebec, you must first obtain Quebec Selection Certificate then you can proceed to apply for immigration under different programs.

How to immigrate to Quebec?

Quebec is having its own selection process for selecting foreign individuals who wish to immigrate to Quebec. Unlike other provinces in Canada, Quebec is not having any provincial nominee program.

The first step to immigrate to Quebec is obtaining a Quebec Selection Certificate which will help you in the immigration process.

There is only one category in the process of immigration to Quebec. You can immigrate to Quebec under the Skilled Worker Program.

Skilled Worker Program:

You must have a valid full-time job offer from an employer working in a company situated in Quebec or you need to have 6 months of work experience in the last 5 years in Quebec or any other country. If you possess one of the two conditions, then you can proceed to the assessment test. You will be assessed on various factors so that only qualified people will be selected for immigration who will play an important role in the growth of the economy of Quebec.

An applicant who isn’t married must score at least 50 points in the assessment test and an applicant with a spouse must score at least 59 points to get qualified for the immigration process. You will be assessed on the following factors:

a) Education
b) Age
c) Work Experience
d) Valid Employment Offer
e) Proof of financial self-sufficiency
f) English and French-speaking skills
g) Any connection to Quebec through family/relatives

So these are the factors on which the applicants will be assessed before they get qualified for the immigration process.

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