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Immigrate to Alberta

How To Immigrate To Alberta, Canada?

Immigrate to Alberta:

Alberta is a western province of Canada. It is having an estimated population of 4,067,175. It is having a lot of job opportunities where you can find a variety of jobs of your preference. This province is the populous province of the country’s three ‘Prairie provinces’.

As it is in Canada, you need to have a Canada visa to immigrate to Alberta. You need to go through the Canada application process and then the Canada visa process and then only you can visit Alberta.

How to Immigrate to Alberta

Here, you will be given information which will be useful to you to immigrate to Alberta, Canada.

Alberta Provincial Nomination Program (APNP):

The provincial government runs the Alberta Provincial Nomination Program with the help of the federal government’s department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

If you want to live permanently in Alberta you can do so under APNP. Every year, certain number of people from other countries are only allowed into the Alberta province under Alberta Provincial Nomination Program. To get chosen to immigrate to Alberta under APNP, you need to meet the requirements of any one stream. There are mainly three types of streams:

a) Employer Driven Stream
b) Strategic Recruitment Stream
c) Self-Employed Farmers

Employer Driven Stream:

There is a particular visa permit called the work permit where the Canadian company employees can nominate workers from other countries to immigrate to Canada for a job in that company.

In this stream, the employers may recruit workers from other countries and give them a chance to immigrate to Canada to work there.

There are three subcategories in Employer Driven Stream:

a) Skilled Worker Category
b) Semi-Skilled Worker Category
c) International Graduate Category

Skilled Worker Category:

The applicants under skilled worker category need to have an offer of full-time job in Alberta, then only you will be granted to immigrate to Alberta under skilled worker category. At the time of application, you need not be in Alberta, you can apply from anywhere across the globe.

Semi-Skilled Worker Category:

People who apply for immigration under semi-skilled worker category need to have a valid post-graduation work permit and should be offered a full-time job from an eligible employer in Alberta.

International Graduate Category:

Applicants under International Graduate Category must be temporary foreign workers to apply for immigration and should also have an offer of full-time job from an eligible employer in Alberta.

Strategic Recruitment Stream:

Applicants under this stream don’t require job offer from the employer in Alberta. So, this stream helps you to immigrate to Alberta without employer support. This stream was designed to enable foreign workers with temporary resident visa change to permanent resident visa.

There are mainly three subcategories of the strategic recruitment stream.

1) Compulsory and Optional Trades Category:

People applying for immigration to Alberta under Compulsory and Optional Trades Category need to be a foreign worker with a temporary resident visa and should also have a valid trade certificate for certain trades.

2) Engineering Occupations Category:

Under this category, the foreign worker who is applying for immigration to Alberta must have work experience as an engineer in Alberta and also should have temporary resident visa.

3) Post-Graduate Worker:

People who want to immigrate to Alberta under this category must be graduates from a post secondary institution currently working through a Post-Graduation Work Permit.

Self-Employed Farmers:

This stream mainly focuses on people who want to buy a farm in Alberta and operate it. People, who want to immigrate to Alberta under this stream, need to show that they have the required work experience of operating a farm and also must have the required funds to purchase a farm.The investment required is at least $500,000 CAD and applicants must show that they have a net worth of at least $500,000.

So, these are the different kinds of streams under which you will be allowed to immigrate to Alberta.

Check to which stream you belong to, and apply for the immigration by submitting the required documents and photographs of required specifications to the nearest Visa Application Center and follow up on the progress of your application online by using the unique tracking ID which will be given on the receipt after submitting the application form.

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