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Immigrate To New Brunswick

How To Immigrate To New Brunswick, Canada?

Immigrate To New Brunswick:

New Brunswick is a place that consists of a healthy environment and friendly people. You can live in a small town in New Brunswick and still enjoy the beautiful aspects of nature over there such as lakes, outdoor spaces. This province values the knowledge and skills of newcomers who immigrate here and also provides them with great jobs, low cost of living and health services. In this province, there are more employment opportunities available in the goods-producing sector and services-producing sector. People employed in the goods-producing sector are mostly given jobs in construction or mining. Now, we are going to discuss the different Canada visa programs available and which program can help you to immigrate to New Brunswick.

How to Immigrate To New Brunswick:?

Now we will discuss about how to get a Canada visa. Below are 5 simple steps which will help you to gain Canada visa:

Step-1: First of all, check whether you are eligible to apply for Canada visa or not. Read all the details about the Canada privacy policy and gather information about Canada visa.

Step-2: Keep 2-3 copies of all the required documents both, electronically and paper. Obtain the application form online or from the nearest Visa Application Center (VAC) and fill out the details in the application form. You can apply online or on paper, here we will discuss about applying on paper as applying online is easier than applying on paper.

Step-3: After you are done with the application form and have the required documents, visit the nearest Visa Application Center (VAC) and submit your application form and copies of your documents and photographs of required specifications. You also need to submit a checklist which contains the information about what all documents you are going to submit. It is mandatory to submit the checklist and the application form at the same time.

Step-4: After submitting the forms and documents, you will be given a receipt which contains a unique tracking ID

Step-5: Using the tracking ID, track the progress of your application online.

These are the 5 simple steps which will help you to apply for Canadian visa.

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program:

People applying under this program, on having the required skills and knowledge will be provided a NBPNP certificate which they can use later to apply for a permanent residence in New Brunswick. There are a few streams in this program which will help you more in analyzing, under which stream you can apply for immigration.

1) Express Entry Labor Market Stream:

Applicants under this stream are evaluated based on various factors and if you score a minimum of 67 out of 100 then you will be considered qualified and your application will processed under express entry and the progress of your application will be completed in less than 6 months. The factors under which you will be assessed and the maximum score you need to get are given below:

1)   Education 25 points
2)   English/French Speaking skills 28 points
3)   Work Experience 15 points
4)   Age 12 points
5)   Arranged employment in New Brunswick 10 points
6)   Adaptability 10 points
Total 100 points

2) Skilled Workers with Family Support:

Under this stream, workers who are qualified enough with required skills and knowledge are allowed to immigrate to New Brunswick by support of a family member who is a permanent resident in New Brunswick.

3) Skilled Workers with Employer Support:

Under this stream, workers who are qualified enough with required skills and knowledge are allowed to immigrate to New Brunswick when they have a full-time job offer from an employer working in a company in New Brunswick.

4) Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream:

This stream provides permanent residence to people who already are staying in New Brunswick itself. Applicants under this category need to be graduated from a recognized institution and who have already started a business in the province.

5) Entrepreneurial Stream:

Under this stream, foreign people can immigrate to New Brunswick to start up a business in NB and invest in that business. Individuals who plan to set up and manage a business company in New Brunswick can apply for immigration under this stream.

So, there are the different streams which will help your application process much more simpler.

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