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Immigrate To Ontario

How To Immigrate To Ontario, Canada?

Immigrate To Ontario:

Ontario is one of the 13 provinces of Canada. It is the second-largest province in terms of population. It is located in the east-central part of Canada and it is the most populous province which is having about 38.3 percent of the total population of Canada. Toronto, which is the largest populous city of Ontario, is the capital city of Ontario. As Ontario is the second largest province of Canada, many people from other provinces of Canada and also foreign individuals look forward to immigrate to Ontario and work in a company over there. Ontario is having a variety of opportunities and there are many different jobs. Ontario produces energy from different earth sources, so it provides that energy to other provinces of Canada.

Ways to Immigrate To Ontario

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (or) Ontario Provincial Nominee Program:

Ontario is having people from different countries and people living here treat each other equally irrespective of their race, religion or caste. You can immigrate to Ontario in an easy way and the processing time for your application doesn’t take more than 6 months if you apply for immigration under Express Entry.

Express Entry:

Foreign individuals are given an opportunity to immigrate to Ontario under this program with an easy application process. There are 2 ways by which you can apply for visa to visit Ontario and then you can apply for a permanent residence. The first way is by applying directly to the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program and then you need to create an express entry profile and then you need to add the needed credentials and after that you will be nominated. After all this, you can apply for a permanent resident visa which helps you to gain permanent residence. The second way is by creating an express entry profile and then you need to display your interest over Ontario in that profile. Then you will be invited to apply for immigration and then you are given a nomination certificate. After receiving the certificate you will be given some points after which you will be invited for the an express entry draw that occurs every 6 months. So, these are the 2 ways by which you can apply for immigration under Express Entry.

Ontario Provincial Nominee Program consists of 6 categories which help you to choose the category that you fall under.

1) General Category
2) International Students Category
3) Corporate Category
4) Entrepreneur Category
5) Human Capital Priorities Category
6) French-Speaking Skilled Workers Category

General Category:

Under this Category, foreign individuals who wish to work in Ontario are given opportunity. The foreign individuals are given jobs in only government jobs which are classified as NOC 0, A, or B Level. Both the individual and the employed must meet the skill requirements and all the other requirements.

International Student Category:

This category is for foreign students who wish to work or persuade their PhD in Ontario. This category is containing three more sub-streams.

a) Pilot International Masters Graduate Stream:

Students who apply under this stream don’t require a job offer from any company but they must meet a very big list of requirements. A maximum of 1000 applications only will be accepted under this stream.

b) International PhD Students Stream:

Applicants under this stream must also meet the minimum requirements and they don’t need a job offer to apply under this stream. Students from various countries all over the world can apply for immigration under this program if their intention is to persuade their PhD in Ontario.

c) International Student with a Job Offer:

This program is similar to the first stream which we have discussed earlier in this article. The foreign individual who applies under this stream need to have a job offer from an employer working in a company situated in Ontario.

Corporate Stream:

The Corporate Stream has been initiated in 2015 to help set up and support international corporations which are interested in bringing the Ontario’s economy to higher level by opening or buying a business in the province. Employees of the corporations situated under this stream can be nominated for Canadian permanent residence.

Entrepreneur Stream:

As the name suggests, foreign individuals who wish to set up a new company in Ontario and invest in that business which helps the economy of Ontario can apply under this stream. Entrepreneurs, after setting up the company can apply for permanent residence. To apply under this stream, entrepreneurs need to meet a list of requirements.

Human Capital Priorities Stream:

This stream selects Express Entry applicants who have required skilled work experience, language ability, characteristics, and education which help in the growth of Ontario’s economy. This stream will search through Express Entry profiles which have a display of an interest in Ontario immigration and have a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of at least 400 points, and will then send a Notification of Interest. The applicants will then have a time period of 45 days to apply.

French-Speaking Skilled Worker Category:

Under this category, people from other countries of the world who speak French can immigrate to Ontario under this category. People who apply for Express Entry can also apply for French-Speaking Skilled Worker Category.

So these are the different categories under which you can apply for immigration into Ontario.

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