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Immigrate to Saskatchewan

How To Immigrate To Saskatchewan, Canada?

Immigrate to Saskatchewan:

Saskatchewan is one of the 13 provinces in Canada. It is located in western Canada and it is the only province without any natural borders. Saskatchewan is having an estimated population of nearly 1,163,925. The economy of Saskatchewan was based on agriculture in the early stages and year-by-year the economy experienced growth in all sectors. Presently, the economy of Saskatchewan is based upon many sectors like mining, fishing, forestry, etc. Most of the production of Canada’s grain is done in Saskatchewan and what is the major cop in Saskatchewan. Many individuals from other countries wish to live or Immigrate to  Saskatchewan as the cost of living is less compared to other countries and provinces. You can immigrate to Saskatchewan under Express Entry which will gain you an easy immigration process that will be completed in less than 6 months. Express Entry is the fastest way to immigrate to Saskatchewan compared to other immigration methods.

How to Immigrate to Saskatchewan?

To immigrate to Saskatchewan which is a province in Canada, you need to know the basic information about Canada Visa programs and how to get a Canada PR visa.

Saskatchewan Express Entry:

Saskatchewan Express Entry provides an opportunity to all the foreign individuals who wish to immigrate to Saskatchewan to settle or to work in a job or startup a business and invest in that business. The Express Entry also provides opportunity for people who are currently working in Saskatchewan to invest in a business or startup a business on their own under this program. There are two ways by which you can immigrate to Saskatchewan. The first way is by sending an Expression of Interest (EOI) to Saskatchewan Nominee Program and if you are nominated for further process then you can create an Express Entry profile and provide the credentials so that the officials receive your information and select you for immigration. The other way is by creating an Express Entry profile and indicating you interest in Saskatchewan in that profile. You will then be selected based on your profile and the interest which you have displayed in your profile.You will be selected for applying for immigration to Saskatchewan Nominee Program.

Saskatchewan Nominee Program:

There are 3 categories in the Saskatchewan Nominee Program.

a) International Skilled Worker Category:

Under this category, individuals from other counties all over the world who wish to settle or wok in Saskatchewan are given an opportunity to immigrate to Saskatchewan. People who immigrate under this category must have wok experience in that particular field and also language speaking skills and education is also required.

b) Saskatchewan Experience Category:

Under this category, applicants who work presently in Saskatchewan or who have settled in Saskatchewan and wish to attain permanent residence can apply for immigration to Saskatchewan under this category. Individuals who wish for a permanent residence in Saskatchewan and are currently working in Saskatchewan can only apply for permanent residence under this category.

c) Saskatchewan Entrepreneur and Farm Category:

Foreign individuals who wish to buy a farm in Saskatchewan and operate the farm and also invest business in that farm can apply for immigration under this category. The applicants need to have work experience in operating a farm so that the Saskatchewan government can ensure that you are eligible to operate a farm in Saskatchewan.

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