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Canada Visa Requirements

Insider’s Info On Canadian Visa Requirements And Types

Canada Visa Requirements

Canada is a world of opportunities where you can obtain a job of your preference. Here, we will provide you insider info on Canadian visa requirements and types and also provide you with knowledge of the Canadian visa program.

Check whether you are eligible to visit Canada or not. Candidates who want an express entry into Canada are scored using the Comprehensive Ranking System. If you score 67 points or higher, you are eligible to immigrate to Canada as a federal skilled worker.

There is also another exam by which you can immigrate to Canada. A minimum overall score of 6.5 in IELTS Test is required to be able to immigrate to Canada.

Canada Visa Requirements:

First of all, decide whether you are going to visit Canada for a job or for your studies or for a permanent stay in Canada. Depending on the cause of your visit, the documents required for your Canada visa differ.

Each application should include the following:

1. Completed and Signed corresponding forms regarding your type of travel
2. Signed VAC Consent Form(2 copies per applicant)
3. You must provide a checklist of all the documents being provided, mark each document you submitted and include the checklist with your application while submitting the application.

Given below are the details regarding the documents required for different types of visas and also the information about each type of visa.

The most common types of visa are :

Temporary Resident Visa(Visitor/Tourist):

This type of visa enables you to visit Canada for a temporary stay. If you obtain this visa then you are considered a visitor or a tourist who is in Canada Tourist Visa for only a limited period of time.

To apply for Temporary Resident Visa, you can apply online or you can also apply on paper.

To apply online for a Temporary Resident Visa, you must have access to a scanner to create electronic copies of your documents to upload and a valid credit card to pay with.

To apply on paper, you must first know what all documents you need to provide. Ensure that you have 1-2 copies of all your documents to submit with your application form. For submission of application form and the documents, you need to visit the nearest visa application center and submit the application form along with your documents. You will be provided with a receipt using which, you can track your application online.

You also need to provide a family information form after you submit the application form and don’t forget to provide the checklist along with your application form, as mentioned earlier.

The estimated fee for application of temporary resident visa is nearly $100 for a single entry, $100 for multiple entry, $500 for a transit visa(for less than 48hours in Canada), $100 for extension of authorization to stay in Canada as a visitor.

Permanent Resident Visa:

A Canada permanent resident is an individual who has been awarded permanent resident status once he / she immigrates to Canada; however, he / she is not a citizen of Canada.
A Permanent residents usually citizen of another country, who has immigrated to to Canada. If you go out of Canada, you need to show your permanent resident visa when you return in a commercial vehicle. One who is in Canada for a temporary stay, for example, a student, is not considered to be a permanent resident.

People having permanent resident visa can apply for Canada citizenship and can work,live anywhere in Canada. They will be protected under Canada law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

To apply for a permanent resident visa, you need to provide VAC Consent form and also the application for the visa along with the required documents. Checklist of all the documents should also be provided along with the application form.

Temporary resident visa will not be provided to permanent residents. If you no longer want to be apermanent resident, you can give up your permanent resident visa and obtain a temporary resident visa.

The estimated fee for application of permanent resident visa is nearly $75 for sponsorship application, $475 for principal applicant, $75 for principal applicant (under the age of 19)

Study Visa:

A Canada study visa allows foreign students to study in Canada in designated learning institutions. A study permit is valid as long as your study course plus an extra 90 days. The extra 90 days are provided so that you can choose whether to extend your stay in Canada or to leave Canada

To receive a study visa, you must enroll in the student visa program. To qualify for their visa in this program, the student must apply to the immigration authorities with an acceptance letter from the Canadian institution, proof of their ability to financially support their studies including paying the tuition fees and the cost of living in Canada while they study, as well as supporting documents such as passports and other personal information. The immigrants may be then provided with a study permit which allows the immigrants to study in Canada.

To apply for a student visa, you must provide the VAC Consent form along with student permit form with required documents and photographs of required specifications. You need to provide a family information form and with required documents. Find out whether you need to give biometrics. After submission of the forms and documents, you will be enrolled into the student visa program, where on qualifying you get a study permit in Canada.

The estimated fee for application of study visa is nearly $150

Work Visa:

People who wish to work temporarily in Canada are given work visa. They need to obtain a Canada work permit to have a work visa. To obtain a work visa, he/she need to be offered a job from a Canadian employer that has been approved by the government human resources authorities through the Labor Market Impact Analysis (LMIA) process. To get LMIA, the employer must advertise the job offer in Canada. When he doesn’t find a single Canadian citizen suitable for the job then he can apply to human resources authorities for an LMIA permitting them to hire a foreign worker. If the LMIA is approved then the worker may apply for a work permit on this basis.

To apply for a work visa, you have two alternatives:

To apply online: One can apply online for a work visa in Canada. To apply online, he/she must have a scanner required to provide electronic copies of all the documents and also a valid credit card to pay the fees online.

To apply on paper: One can apply for work visa on paper also if he is not willing to apply online. To apply on paper, he/she must have 1-2 copies of all the documents and should visit the nearest visa application center for the submission of the application letter and the documents and the photographs of required specifications.

Don’t forget to submit the checklist of all the documents along with the application form.

The application fees for a work visa will be around $155 per person. All the artists who visit Canada to perform, must have a work visa. The total amount of application fees will not be more than $435 for 3 or more performing artists.

There are a lot of Canadian visa programs where you can obtain different permits according to your cause of travel to Canada.

For example, the student visa program provides you with a study permit as discussed earlier.

We hope that this article is informative and we also hope that it provided you with the information you have been in search for!!

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