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Immigrate to Canada

Latest Updates on Immigrate to Canada Travel Restriction Due to Rise in Covid-19 Variants

Canada has already declared some strict conditions to immigrate to Canada in the coming months are Covid-19 is continuously increasing in Canada and all around the world. Almost around 40% of the Canadian population has come up with at least the first dose of their Covid-19 vaccination.

Immigrate to Canada

According to the federal government, there is a rise in covid-19 cases connecting with new variants in Canada so they have announced strict conditions on Canada Immigration to break the chain of the Covid-19 virus and save Canadians.

  1. Now onwards Vaccine Passports Might Allow you to Travel Internationally: Canada’s VIP members such as politicians and policymakers have advised that the proof of vaccination will easily help you out for international travel arrive and depart out of Canada.
  2. Canada Bans Flights from Covid-19 Hit India, Pakistan for 30 Days: Canada’s Transport Minister, Omar Alhambra has declared to ban all the commercial and private passenger flights flying to Canada for at least 30 days.

Canada has banned all flights from all the countries until May 21, 2021: Public Safety Minister Bill Blair, on April 20, 2021, tweeted announcing the extension of Canada’s travel restrictions with the USA and all other countries as the rules will be mandatory till May 21, 2021.

What do Worldwide Travelers should know about Immigrate to Canada?

Presently, worldwide travelers should have proof of negative covid-19 test report which should be 72 hours before traveling to Canada. The one who travels by flight also tests to do one Covid-19 test on arrival and should be quarantined only at the government-approved hotel or quarantine centers for three days waiting for their results.

Even after receiving a negative Covid-19 report they still have to arrive at their final destination and continue their 14-day quarantine. Once the 14-day quarantine is over it’s mandatory to again take the covid-19 test.

Canada’s Travel Limitations:

In March 2020, Canada had announced some travel limitations to break the chain of Covid-19 virus spread. All types of non-essentials travel to Canada are not allowed.

The below points are the list of those who are excused of the travel limitations and can enter Canada:

  • Canadian Residents.
  • Permanent Residents of Canada.
  • Instant or Prolonged Family Members of Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents.
  • Temporary Overseas Employees.
  • International Students who are joining a nominated University that has a COVID-19 readiness plan.
  • Holders of a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) that was delivered beforehand March 18, 2020;
  • Persons coming to Canada for empathetic explanations such as to be present-day during the final seconds of life of a loved one;
  • Endangered persons;
  • People showed under Canada’s Indian Act;
  • Transiting customers.

Canada contending with the third wave

Cases are increasing day by day in Canada hence, there are prompting stricter lockdown rules. Around 3000 daily cases are been measured since early April, so the government has announced to stay home.  

Canada is concentrating on temporary and permanent residence status in Canada. As Canada had made the commitment to cross the target of 401,000 new immigrants will help to apply through Canada immigration Express Entry exactly to the CEC Draw in the introduction of 6 new immigration status.

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