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Canada Work Permit Eligibility from India


Any overseas nationwide before beginning to work for a Canadian company will require the LMIA and a provisional work permit through the TFWP. 


Canada Work Permit Visa is agreed to temporary laborers, business insights, undergraduates, and health caretakers. Canada Work Permit is an authorized document given by the administration of Canada which permits persons to live, study, and work in Canada while getting the advantages of Canada. Work permits are short-term in nature and can be prolonged within Canada.

Work permits are also understood as a way to develop a permanent resident or Canadian resident. An LMIA is a certificate that a Canadian employer should get earlier an overseas employee can be appointed.

Canada Work Permit is delivered to qualified foreign candidates to work in Canada for an exact time period.

Benefits of Canada Work Permit Visa:

Each year there are a lot of applicants who are approved permit to work in Canada. This is an enormous chance for the foreign laborers planning to work in Canada. The welfares of the employed under work permit are:

  • The applicant can work in Canada underneath the company that is declared in the work permit application
  • The applicant can apply for the dependent visa to carry the family to live with the applicant in Canada
  • The applicant can travel from corner to corner in Canada
  • The applicant can submit for PR Visa at an advanced stage

 Types of Work Permit:

There are various kinds of work permit to immigrate to Canada:

  1. Open Work Permit: Openwork permit permits applicants to labor for any companies in Canada.
  2. Employer-Specific Work Permit: The employer-specific work permit permits the candidate to work permitting to the company-specific circumstances such as period of work and the position of work. The company must comprehensive sure process and hand over the copy of LMIA or service number to be comprised in the work permit request form.

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General Eligibility Requirements:

The candidate must be able to persuade immigration administrators that he would arrive at the home nation after the end of employment or when the work permit expires

  • The candidate applying for a work permit should ensure to have certain requirements such as:
  • The candidate should prove to an officer that he would leave Canada when the work permit expires.
  • The candidate should have enough funds to take care of the self and their family dependents during the stay in Canada.
  • The candidate should obey the law and have no criminal record.
  • The candidate should have good health and submit a medical report
  • The candidate should not plan to work for an employer listed with the status ineligible on the list of employers who failed to comply with certain conditions
  • The candidate should give the officer any other documents they ask for to prove they can enter the country.

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Documents Required for Work Permit Visa Application:

  • Legal travel certificate – passport with 6 months or additional validity from the scheduled date of entrance in Canada
  • Latest passport-sized photos
  • Educational certificates and proof of work experience
  • Proof of financial capitals to cover the incomes in Canada
  • Submission fee
  • Police verification documents
  • Medical documents

 Work Permit Extension:

To extend the work permit, the applicant must apply at least 30 days before the present permit expires. Afterward, the work permit is submitted, the candidate can live in Canada and encounter the circumstances of the innovative work permit. If the permit perishes after the submission for the delay is succumbed, the candidate can stay in Canada below the status – called implicit status.

If the permit ends fewer than 90 days ago, the candidate can apply to reestablish the temporary resident position and spread the work permit. But the candidate cannot work while the request is in development. When applying, the candidate must also pay the fees for both the renovation of status and a new work permit.

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