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Canada Family Sponsorship Visa,

Complete Details Of Family Sponsorship Visa (FSV)

Canada Family Sponsorship Visa

First of all, let’s discuss the Canada visa process and how you need to apply for the visa.

Canada Visa Process:
You can immigrate to Canada or you can also visit Canada just for a limited period of time. To immigrate and to visit Canada , the visa process is same but for immigration you need to provide additional documents and also you need to choose among different options such as a start-up visa which shows you are going to start a new company in Canada or else you can go as a student and obtain a work visa or you can get your Canada Family Sponsorship Visa you or you can sponsor your family members to gain permanent residence in Canada.

Steps for Canada Family Sponsorship Visa

Below are the steps on how to get Canada visa or what is the Canada application process to get Canada visa:

Step 1: Read the complete information regarding the visa details and the documents you need to have and also know if you are permitted to have a Canada visa.

Step 2: Obtain the application form for Canada visa and fill out the details in the application form and keep all the documents required handy, both the soft copies and the hard copies of the documents.

Step 3: Visit the local Canada visa application center and pay the visa fee and provide the required documents for verification. After the submission of documents and the application form , you will receive a receipt which contains tracking ID through which you can monitor the progress of your application online.

These are the 3 simple steps which will help you to get Canada visa.

Family Sponsorship Visa Program:
People who are settled with a permanent residence in Canada can bring their loved ones to Canada and provide them with permanent residence under this program. You can sponsor you loved ones to apply for immigration to Canada. You can sponsor your spouse, relatives, grandparents, dependent children. To sponsor you need to be above 18 years of age and you must financially support the family members whom you have sponsored. If in the past, any person whom you have sponsored and you couldn’t support their stay financially can lead you to not be able to sponsor any other person again in the future. If you need to bring your grandparents to Canada, then you can sponsor their immigration and if the number of applications has increased the limit, then you can apply for the Super Visa which also helps you in sponsoring your grandparents to immigrate to Canada. Before you sponsor your grandparents, you need to check whether they are eligible or not.

To sponsor your spouse, you must meet the required eligibility and your spouse should also have the eligibility to immigrate to Canada. Your spouse should be above 18 years of age and must be legally married. You must also have a legal marriage certificate and if the marriage is held outside Canada then the marriage should be considered legal according to the respective country government. You can also bring your dependent child abroad and also relatives and friends and provide them a permanent residence in Canada.

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