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Top 5 Reasons To Immigrate To Canada

Reasons To Immigrate To Canada

There are plethora of options for those wanting to immigrate to developed countries and the options are so good that it could deeply confuse potential Immigrants. Canada is probably the best option owing to its world-class infrastructure, child care benefits, social security system, job opportunities, retirement benefits good law and order and more than anything else an extremely capable diverse and tolerant society that accommodates people of all races. Without much ado here I present five compelling reasons to immigrate to Canada.

Top 5 Reasons To Immigrate To Canada

  • SAFETY & SECURITY: Canada’s safety and security track record is unbeatable, terrorist attacks on Canadian soil are minimal to nonexistent and last time Canada was attacked in an act of war was back in 1812! Law and order situation is always under control so this coupled with good social security system and good retirement benefits makes Canada very safe and secure.
  • EDUCATION: Canada has an excellent schooling system and provides free education for all till age 18 in Canadian Public School System. And in many cases the tuition fee is reduced for PR holders and citizens compared to international students. And there is a vibrant job market to absorb all the qualified students.
  • TRAVEL: Canadian Passport holders have the privilege of travelling to more than 100 countries without visa. This is one of the major reasons why business men, high net worth individuals and potential immigrants consider Canada as their destination. This flexibility matters a lot when trying to realize exciting business opportunities around the world.
  • HEALTH CARE: Canadian health care is world class and government policies are very supportive of the health care system and the citizens, even people without insurance are not heavily burdened in monetary terms this is a tremendous benefit considering the kind of insane health care costs just across the border.
  • PROXIMITY TO USA: Canadian citizens can study and work in USA without having to worry about any visa. Also they are permitted to buy property in USA and in the end the travel time from Canada to US is hardly anything compared to travel from EU or Asia, making it easy for Canadian citizens to explore most opportunities in USA.

And considering the ever tightening visa norms in US and the unusual wait time to obtain the coveted green card in US a Canadian option looks very lucrative,  Maybe it’s time to explore the maple right away !

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