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Canada PR – The Best Alternative To H1B Visa And USA Green Card Visa

Best Alternative To H1B Visa

Just to clear the air H1B Visa is a temporary work visa which may eventually lead to a Green Card however PR or Permanent Residency offered in Canada is a local status provided through Immigration. H1B is obtained through a lottery system and there is no logic to it on the contrary Canadian PR Visa is a structured approach and has a due process to it and it directly gives residency options which will eventually lead to citizenship in about 3 to 4 years. However, H1B visa crystallizing into a Green Card is not guaranteed.

With the Canadian PR, the family income increases with the spouse being allowed to work unlike in the case of H1B where the spouses are prohibited from any possible employment regardless of their qualification. Considering extended periods of stay the spouse could get frustrated sitting idle and this is something that will never happen with Canada’s permanent resident status.

How to get H1B Visa And USA Green Card Visa

Health Care, Education and Insurance are all crazy expensive even if a Green Card is obtained, In Canada these are non issues, Also there is unusually long time for obtaining Green Card which is a major concern and it’s possible that the current US administration can make plans go haywire.

And the salary gap which was huge between US and Canada around the years 2000 -2005 has narrowed down significantly and there is very good pay in Canada now. Considering the current situation in US obtaining a H1B visa in future will get much tougher but Canada work permit will continue to be easy.

For those qualified people who are looking to immigrate in the short run Canada PR visa is the easier option. Sheer number of people applying for H1B, country level quotas and H1B fraud by consulting companies further complicate the H1B woes. Assessing from a stability point of view the H1B visa can be lost and one has to return home if this happens however PR is very hard to lose if one stays in Canada.

So…. Canadian PR Visa it is !!!

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