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Canada Immigration


Migrate to Canada from India  will continue dominant to Canada’s economy and society.

This was stressed by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the innovative auxiliary command letter he delivered currently to immigration minister Marco Mendicino.


The command letter is the furthermost significant policy document for Canada’s Immigration to Canada from India department.

It outlines the objectives that Canada’s prime minister is requesting the immigration minister and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to follow throughout the government’s time in control.

The instruction application describes key matters such as Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan, which new immigration agendas for IRCC to create, improving IRCC’s application processing times, among other subjects. The announcement of the command letter comes presently after Canada publicized a historic new 2021-2023 Immigration Levels Plan that will see it mark over 400,000 immigrants per year, the uppermost in its history.

The first-hand command letter additions the one that Trudeau on condition that to Mendocino in December 2019.

The aim for the new supplementary command letter is that the Canadian government underway a new meeting of Parliament in September and it is intended to incorporate new purposes allowed out of the COVID-19 crisis.

Key priorities outlined in today’s letter include:

  • Carry on to welcome new arrival to upkeep Canada’s economic process and post-COVID recapture by increasing pilot programs to welcome immigrants through financial class immigration streams; accelerating family recombination; and dealing on sectorial and regional pilot programs.
  • Carry on to implement procedures to provide permanent residence pathways to individuals who have provided health care in long-standing care homes, medical amenities, or who achieved other crucial services during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Continue towards effort with cabinet colleagues to defend the health and safety of Canadians will handling Canada’s harbors of entry correctly and caringly.
  • Classify extra permanent residence pathways for impermanent overseas employees.
  • Work with the Minister of Employment, Workforce Growth and Disability Presence to defend employees who are exposed to COVID-19 and to protected workers to fill employment strength requirements in farming and food handling.
  • Keep working with Canada’s provinces and territories to deliver reimbursement cares to new arrivals as well as French-language teaching.

The first-hand additional letter does not cover any amazements and clearly plans goals that the Canadian government has been chasing during its period in control. It adds to the areas charted in the December 2019 command letter which IRCC endures to follow. The primary subject of today’s proclaims is that Canada will endure to function its immigration system to the greatest of its capabilities during the pandemic so it can harness the skills and talents of new arrivals to support its economic health after the pandemic is behind schedule us.