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Is the Canadian Elections 2019 Impact on Immigration to Canada

Canadian Prime Minister, Mr. Justin Trudeau’s party has emerged as the winner of the latest elections, which means he will be returning as the leader of the nation for a second consecutive term. However, this time his party has lost a lot of ground to the conservative party and will be forming a minority government. Mr. Trudeau’s narrow margin of victory would mean that his party would need to depend on the consent of other parties for getting important decisions to be passed. In the future, we may see a few changes to the immigration policy. We take a look at the impact that a minority government could potentially have on Canada immigration.

Impact of Minority Government on Immigration in Canada

The party with the most seats generally forms the minority government. The governing party needs to take the support of other parliamentary members, whenever a minority government is in office for passing laws and each bill will be taken up on a singular basis. In Canada’s case, the liberal party needs to take the opinion of smaller parties such as NDP, which is being led by Jagmeet Singh and the conservative party before making any kind of policy decisions.

Employment Factor Changes

In its website, the Conservative Party has stated its stance for safeguarding and supporting economic immigration, make sure that partners and children are united with primary workers. This website commits to increase the levels of immigration with what is in the best interest of the country. The party is seemingly interested in inviting a larger number of applicants for Canada immigration who are more likely to get hired immediately or already possess an employment offer from local businesses or companies. The conservative party may possibly influence the government to bring about changes that give excessive weight to the work and job experience factor in the comprehensive ranking factor

Family Policies Changes

The New Democratic Party has been campaigning for a more open policy on the reunification of families and support an easier visa process for spouses, children and dependent parents who wish to join the primary immigrants in Canada. A minority government could mean that the NDP could influence the government for a more liberal policy on family immigration.


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